Parties expect Sadrist have reached agreement – source

The Head of Nouri al-Maliki’s office on Monday in an exclusive statement told Esta Media Network that the Iraqi parties except the Sadrist movement have reached agreement to hold the parliament session on Tuesday.

Hisham al-Rkabi who is in charge of the office belonging to Head of the state of law coalition in the Iraqi parliament Nouri al-Maliki, said, except for the Sadrist the parties have agreed to hold a parliament session.
Al-Maliki is a prominent leading Shiite figure whose party is a major component of the Shiite coordination framework.
“Alliance of country management” is what the parties have agreed on as well, they formed an alliance, he said.
Al-Rkabi also referred that the parties have agreed on several issues including oil and gas, and they will be decided in accordance with the law and constitution.
Regarding the premiership candidate file, he reaffirmed their commitment to the nomination of Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani for the position.
“Al-Sudani is the sole nominee of the Shiite coordination framework to run for the Prime Minister election. No discussion has been made in regards to change al-Sudani,” he added.
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