Coordination Framework renews readiness to go to early polls

Coordination Framework renewed its readiness to go to early elections in Iraq meanwhile calling on the Kurdish parties to resolve their candidate for the presidency, the state news agency reported.

The Coordination Framework held a regular meeting, discussing the latest developments in the political situation in Iraq, according to the Iraqi News Agency INA.
INA cited a statement from the coordination as saying that it welcomed the parliament’s call to hold a session that restores life to the constitutional institutions in the country.
“The Coordination Framework renewed its readiness to go to early elections after completing its preliminaries from a government with full powers, approving a federal budget, amending the election law, and organizing the Independent High Electoral Commission”
It also called for the Kurdish blocs to resolve their candidate for the presidency, INA said.
Iraq held its last parliamentary elections in October but political disagreements among parties have hindered the parliament from electing a president and forming a government and selecting a new president.
The Sadrists won the largest share of seats in the October election, claiming 73 but failed to form a majority government.
MPs belonging to Sadr’s bloc later resigned from parliament and his supporters last month stormed the parliament building in Baghdad. He has demanded that parliament must be dissolved and called for early elections.
Tensions escalated sharply in late August when Sadr said he would quit politics, with his supporters storming an area in Baghdad’s high-security Green Zone in violence that killed 30 people.
Iraq’s political deadlock is now in its 11th month, the longest in the country since the 2003 United States-led invasion reset the political order.
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