US would Continue its support to Syrian Kurdish-Arab forces - Centcom

The U.S. Central Command (Centcom) announced that the Syrian Kurdish-Arab forces are the only capable force in northern Syria to fight the ISIS and the United States is committed to continue supporting this force.

The US Central Command announced that the country's policy towards Syria has not changed and that the country continues to have its forces in the northeast of Syria in the fight against ISIS with the cooperation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Central Command of the US forces stated that "the Syrian Democratic Forces are the only reliable, capable and volunteer fighting force in the northeast of Syria that participates daily in the battle against ISIS."

Dana Stroll, US Secretary of Defense's Deputy Middle East Assistant for Middle East Affairs and Matt McFarlane, the commander of the anti-ISIS coalition, also emphasized the commitment of the US to promote the security and stability of the region, as well as the presence of US forces in the area under the control of the Syrian Kurds.

McFarlane said: "We are committed to working with the Syrian Democratic Forces in the field of continuing cooperation to reduce tensions."

Regarding Turkey's recent threats to carry out ground operations against the Syrian Kurds, he added: "Any extensive military intervention in this area will divert our attention to the permanent defeat of ISIS, and this issue creates a great danger."

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