Gorran spokesman resigns over lack of purpose in party's leadership

Spokesperson for the Change Movement (Gorran) Adnan Osman has stepped down from that position and from the party’s Executive Body, according to a letter that released on Sunday, January 17.

In September 2019, Osman was elected as Secretary of the party’s National Assembly, along with the other positions. He was previously lawmaker in the Kurdistan Parliament from 2009 to 2013.
“The Movement’s path and administration have reached the point where I cannot participate in it or defend it,” he said in a letter addressed to Gorran Coordinator Omar Said Ali, the Executive Body, and the National Assembly.
“After a year of work, I think that no big steps have been taken, nor will they be,” he said.
“Gorran is in a dangerous motionlessness. There are no proposals or projects to work on,” he added, NRT reported.
The letter itself is dated September 14, suggesting that he planned to resign months ago but was convinced to stay on. It was not immediately clear what prompted the letter’s release.
Gorran’s leadership is increasingly under fire from some of its membership, frustrated with the party’s participation in the government alongside the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).
Established in 2009 in order to oppose the dominance of those two parties, critics view it as increasingly co-opted and unable to serve as a viable alternative to the Region’s political duopoly.
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