Maintaining Kurdistan Region's stability and security is a red line: Qubad Talabani

Reacting to Monday night missile attack on Erbil, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region underscored that maintaining security and stability in the Kurdistan Region is a red line and called for increased coordination with the Iraqi government to deal with these dangers.

In a message, Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, referred to last night's missile attack on Erbil and the fact that eight missiles hit the city and Erbil Airport, adding that "unfortunately, the city of Erbil was attacked last night and caused a number of casualties.

He stressed that the security and stability of the Kurdistan region is a red line and it is not acceptable for any group or movement to endanger it.

"This attack is a warning to all of us that we must be united in dealing with the dangers, and this attack and previous attacks showed that coordination must be established between the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) and the Iraqi government to fill the security vacuum in the disputed areas and eliminate shortcomings and gaps," Talabani further said.

He went on to add that "the international community and the international coalition need to take these risks seriously and support us in eradicating terrorism and punishing outlawed groups."

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