Changes will continue in PUK, member says

A member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced that the changes in the party will continue at the order of Bafel Talabani, the PUK Leader, and the support of the party's political bureau.

According to the Nas Kurd news site, Miran Mohammad, a member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, referred to the recent changes in the party and the dismissal of Lahur Sheikh Jangi (Lahur Sheikh Borhan), the party's co-chairman, and those close to him at the order of Talabani and stated that the PUK political bureau has declared its full support for Jalal Talabani's decisions to bring about change.

He pointed out that Bafel Talabani, the joint chairman of the PUK, has made these changes and expelled the people based on the evidence and the results of investigations, adding that the reforms will be done in the public interest and in accordance with the current situation of the Kurdistan Region and the PUK political council is with the decisions.

Mohammad also stressed that a centralized and unified decision-making system in the party makes decisions easier and faster.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the dispute between Bafel and Lahur and the expulsion of those who were close to Lahur in the PUK, an arrest warrant was issued for Miran Mohammad, who was considered to be close to Lahur. Mohammad was charged with corruption and money laundering and his membership in the party was suspended, and he took refuge in the house of Sheikh Jangi's to prevent his arrest.

Last week, however, his suspension was lifted and he attended PUK Politburo meetings, although a number of others close to Lahur were fired.

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