Civilians were killed in Turkey bombardment in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan regions

A number of people were killed and injured in Turkish air strikes on Tuesday, February 1, which targeted the outskirts of Mount Sinjar, a refugee camp in Makhmur, and a village in Derik (al-Malikiya) in the northeast of Syria’s Hasaka governorate.

Two people died in the air strikes targeting Shahid Rustem Judi camp in Erbil’s Makhmur district and at least 20 were injured, including two elderly people, NRT reported.

According to the report security forces would not allow the transfer of casualties to a hospital in Erbil, therefore those wounded in the attack on Makhmur were taken to a hospital in Qayara near Mosul.

The Kurdistan Region’s counter-terrorism service said several people were killed and wounded in last night’s bombardments in Iraq and Syria, according to Reuters, but more precise details were not provided. Counter-terror said Turkish warplanes bombarded the Qarachokh Mountains and Sinjar.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell (SMC) condemned the attacks in Makhmur and Sinjar, referring to the air strikes as a violation of Iraqi airspace. SMC called on Turkey to "stop these violations out of respect and commitment to common interests.”

The village of Taqil Baqil in Hasaka’s district of Derik near the Turkey-Iraq-Syria border was also bombarded on Tuesday. The People’s Protection Units (YPG) International said in a Twitter post, "Turkey tries to continue what ISIS started, a massive attack against Rojava.”

The Turkish Defense Ministry said on Wednesday their warplanes hit training camps, shelters and ammunition storage areas in Iraq and Syria, according to Reuters.

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