Current situation of Turkey's Kurdish issue - analysis

According to the Middle East Institute, the Turkey Kurdish political movement has been under unprecedented pressure and the Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) has been shown a demonic face in the Turkish media.

Considering the approach of the new Turkish elections, the Middle East Institute has investigated various issues of the country, including the Kurds issue.
From the point of view of the institution, the Turkey Kurdish political movement has been under pressure more than ever before. The reason for this unprecedented pressure on the Kurds is President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's attempt to consolidate his power as much as possible.
Referring to the massive arrest of prominent members of the Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP), the Middle East Institute believes that an attempt has been made to draw a demonic image of this party in the Turkish media.
The institute believes the political elites in Ankara currently do not see much difference between the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK and the People's Democratic Party.
In the end, it has been emphasized that both the peaceful approach of the Turkish ruling party towards the Kurdish issue before 2015 and its military approach after the year were only aimed at consolidating the power of Erdogan.
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