Barham Salih says Iraq soil is not battleground for war

<p style="text-align:left">Iraqi President Barham Salih said on Saturday, September 14, that the country&amp;rsquo;s territory must not become a battleground for war and aggression, but rather should be a place of peace.

During a speech at the opening ceremony of the Second Forum of Expert Women at the Council of Arab Economic Unity in Baghdad, Salih said that the world does not need a new outbreak of war in the Middle East.
&ldquo;Today, Iraqis are focused on achieving national progress and will not accept leaders who continue to advance failed and regressive ideas,&rdquo; Salih said according to a press release from his office.
&ldquo;This unique time in Iraq&rsquo;s history cannot be squandered because of corruption or various political tensions,&rdquo; he added at the conference, which was sponsored by Ammar al-Hakim&rsquo;s Hikma Movement.
&ldquo;The region, along with the whole world, does not desire nor need more war. Iraq&rsquo;s successful campaigns against terrorists must be a starting point for peace, not more conflict, he said. It can be the basis for a new regional system based on integrated economies.&rdquo;
Baghdad is closely allied with both Washington and Tehran, despite the tension between the two. The current government has made it clear that it seeks to steer a neutral course and focus on rebuilding Iraq following the devastating war against Islamic State.
Nevertheless, Iraqi leaders fear being pulled into a larger regional conflict.
On Sunday, Iraq denied that its territory had been used to launch a drone attack against an important Saudi oil facility claimed Houthi rebels.
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