Top Peshmerga official denies clashes between ruling parties

<p style="text-align: left;">The Secretary General of the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Peshmerga denied the reports of clashes between the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

Al-Malomeh news base quoted an informed political source as saying that the two ruling parties in the Kurdish region have engaged in a fierce armed conflict, and even armed confrontation has occurred between their supporters. According to the source who failed to be known there are profound differences between the two parties to the level that armed clashes have occurred in the Warty area in Raniya and Khalifan regions.

In an interview with Kurdpress news agency Lieutenant General Jabbar Yawar, the secretary-general of the Kurdistan Region Peshmerga Ministry, refuted the reports as false, adding that no clashes have been occurred between the Peshmerga forces and the forces of the two parties did not even have any quarrels of clashes.

He further added happened was bombardment of Turkish military warplanes in Warte area where the PKK troops were based. The PKK recently deployed forces in the area and what happened was only the Turkish bombing of the PKK bases but not fightings and military clashes between the Peshmerga forces.

He expatiated on the recent reports and news about a conflict between the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan Region in the Warte region and the competition for controlling the region, adding that the news and reports of conflict among the Peshmerga forces of the PUK and the KDP are baseless. The Peshmerga forces stationed in the region are affiliated with the Peshmerga Ministry and a combination of Peshmerga forces from the 70 union of the PUK and the 80 union of the PUK which have been previously integrated into the Peshmerga Ministry and no conflict or military divisions have occurred between the two sides.

According to Al-Malomeh the Massoud Barzani-led KDP is extremely unhappy with the new political leadership of the PUK, Lahor Sheikh Jangi and Bafil Talabani, while the PUK sees the KDP as running all region&rsquo;s political and economic sectors and foundations unilaterally.

"The media is not a source of information," said Lt. Gen. Jabbar Yawar, adding that there is a political instability in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. It is for a long time that the political parties of the region have not had any negotiations for some time and no dialogue has been held between the political offices of the PUK and the KDP after the Fourth Congress of the PUK, and the selection of the new leadership of the PUK.

The Peshmerga top official added went on to add that the social networks and the virtual space in the Kurdistan region have unlimited freedom and anyone can publish any news on pages or sites and they can criticize the way they want and publish such false reports.

There is still a political instability in Iraq and the political coalitions and parties have not reached a comprehensive agreement on the formation of the new government and the differences between the Kurdish region and the central government remain completely unresolved which has made the ground open for the publication of such false news, as well as rumors.

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