File lawsuit against signatory Ankara-Erbil 50-year oil deal: official

The head of the future faction in the Iraqi parliament called for making a lawsuit against Ashti Hewrami, the former Minister of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Region, and asked Interpol to extradite him to Iraq.

According to Al-Maluma, Sarkawt Shamseddin said: "Ashti Hewrami has illegally signed long-term oil contracts with Turkey and Russia and is responsible for widespread corruption in this case."
Shamseddin added: "Ashti Hewrami fled to Britain following the signing of oil contracts and due to internal disputes with the Barzani family, and the Iraqi central government must investigate the loss of billions of dollars in this important case."
The member of the future faction of the Iraqi parliament stated: "As we see today the requests to summon the former oil ministers in the federal government, it is necessary in order to observe justice, to order the return of Hewrami as responsible for the debt of the Kurdistan region and its oil waste."
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