Paris court issues final verdict on Kurdistan region's oil sale

The International Court of Paris issued its final verdict on the issue of Kurdistan region's oil export through Turkey. The initial evidence shows this vote is in favor of the Iraqi government.

According to Draw Media, Mohammed Hossein, an expert on Iraqi internal affairs in the field of research and political reports, announced that the Paris International Court issued its final verdict on the export of oil from the Kurdistan Region through Turkey.
Although the details of this verdict have not yet been published, the evidence shows there is bad news for the Kurdistan Region and Turkey and this vote has been issued in favor of the Iraqi government.
During Haider al-Abadi's term as PM in 2015, the Iraqi government filed a lawsuit against the Kurdistan Region and Turkey at the International Court of Justice in Paris regarding the sale of oil from the Kurdistan Region without the consent of the Iraqi government and demanded 26 billion dollars in damages from Turkey.
The lawsuit says Turkey has allowed Kurdistan Region to transfer Kurdistan Region's oil to be send to Turkey through Iraqi oil pipelines.
In 2019, the Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi halted the order of the Paris court, giving Turkey and the Kurdistan Region a new opportunity.
The issuance of the judgment by the Paris court after several years of suspension coincided with the trip of Mohammad Shia Sudani to Paris, and the sudden trip of Nechirvan Barzani to Turkey and holding a meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
On Wednesday, the Iraqi Federal Court issued a ruling prohibiting the sending of any money from Baghdad to the Kurdistan Region, and after issuing the February 2022 ruling on canceling the oil and gas law and requiring the regional government to hand over its oil and gas revenues to Baghdad, this is the heaviest verdict that the Iraqi Federal Court has issued against the regional government; a sentence that the KDP Leader Masoud Barzani compared it to the rulings by the revolutionary court of the former Baath regime.
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