<p style="text-align: left;">A Kurdistan correspondent and Turkey expert, Frederike Geerdink, believes Turkey will not attack Kurds as long as there are U.S. forces in the north of Syria and after the U.S. troops withdraal the Syrian army would control the Kurdish-controlled north of Syria and then there is no need for Turkey to attack them.

"No, because as long as the US is there, Turkey can't attack. And Turkey may never attack, for example when Assad takes over there is no need for Turkey to attack any more since Assad will end the Kurdish democratic experiment," She stressed.
The author of The Fire Never Dies , a book about the Kurdistan Workers' Party, who has lived a full year in the mountain camps of the PKK in Iraq and Syria to write the book told Kurdpress that the U.S. and Turkey can't reach an agreement over the noryh of Syria, adding that "it's impossible, since Turkey regards the YPG and SDF as terrorists and the US works with them, so the two can never really meet." "No, there won't be a safe zone by the US to protect the Kurds. Why not? For the same reason the US is still in north-Syria: the US and Turkey can't fight because they are NATO partners. So the US presence guarantees some sort of safety but eventually the US will totally leave, as Trump has announced. The US aren't in the north of Syria to protect the Kurds but to beat IS, and since IS has no territory anymore the US's goal was reached and they will leave," She said about Washington's policy in Syria.
Answering a question about the U.S. goal in announcing that some 400 forces will remain in Syria, Geerdink stated that the U.S. may play a role in the north of Syria but as said, it was there to wipe away IS from the territory they held. Now they stay to have some leverage in the conflict against Assad/Russia/Iran but 400 troops isn't much and the US doesn't have much leverage left to begin with.
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