Syrian Kurdish administration calls on UN to find solution for Turkey's water cut

An official from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) called on Thursday for direct UN intervention to put an end to the crisis caused by severe water shortage in Hasaka Governorate, northeast Syria.

Yasser al-Suleiman, Vice-President of the General Council of the AANES, told North Press that the UN and Human Rights Organizations should oversee the operation of pumping water to the city of Hasaka.

On July 3, the AANES announced Hasakah a disaster area because of Turkey’s water cut-off.

Recently, Hasakah and its countryside have been suffering from a declining drinking water crisis after Turkey cut off water from the Alouk station, which provides water for around a million people.

Cutting water by Turkey is “racism” whose aim is demographic change and displacing residents. Approximately one million people, including IDPs, in Hasakah face a water crisis, al-Suleiman added.

The AANES is imploring the UN to directly intervene to help the people of Hasakah, who are facing high temperatures and deteriorating economic situation due to the siege imposed on AANES-held areas and the closure of crossings, according to the official.

He added that Turkey is cutting off water supply to the region under “baseless pretexts” which he described as “sensitive issue” that poses a threat to people’s lives.

The AANES official pointed out that Turkey’s behavior proves that it lacks humanity, as it fails to address issues like a water supply in war time.

On July 11, a World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson said that temperatures of the scorching summer increase, residents of the city of Hasakah, northeast Syria, continue to rely on unsafe water sources raising many concerns regarding hygiene and health.

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