Syrian Arab analyst says Erdogan's power is over

A Syrian political analyst believes there is a possibility of another Turkish attack on northern Syria, but the bad economic, political and international situation has deterred President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey from the new attack.

"Turkish threats have diminished because the government is in a deep political and economic crisis at home and it is also under US sanctions," Lawrence Al-Sha'eer, a Syrian Arab political analyst and journalist, told Kurdpress.

He added: "We cannot say for sure that Turkey has given up its decision to attack, but maybe Turkey has changed its policy and moved more towards media war and insecurity of cities through espionage, bombings and conspiracies to disrupt the public order."

"Turkey's power has waned and its economy has collapsed, and the lira has depreciated sharply against the dollar, and on the other hand, various parties and people have turned into serious opponents of Erdogan's government," the analyst further said.

Al-Sha'eer added: "Other countries are also opposed to Erdogan's policies today. Turkey was threatening the West and Europe through an extremist Islam, but today the country is in a bad political situation."

"Turkey wants to reach the top level in the Middle East, but its actions have led to the failure of its policies in the region, so it must be said that Erdogan is not capable of a new adventure," said the Qamishlo-based political expert.

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